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UHF dense carpet company uses to track blockade
Author:   From:    View:7861   Time:2013-06-06 21:04:25

RFID solutions provider Cybra developed a UHF RFID tag embedded Seals lock, which labels comply with EPC Gen 2 standard, mainly used for tracking, identification of an item or container, with security features. Initially, the solution's main customers are trade company in New Jersey, a carpet; Currently, the program has expanded the application, not only for goods tracking, positioning, and according to the lock state judgment containers are opened.

Initially, the carpet company using RFID tags to track the production of carpets, values ​​and other information. However, RFID tags can easily be removed or replaced to protect the effect is not good. To solve the above problems, Cybra company developed special RFID Seals lock.

Lock & EnCode Seals lock using Alien's Higgs-3 UHF passive RFID chips

The company's senior carpet carpet trade mostly handmade, high-value, to ensure their quality, detailed grasp the goods arrival time, etc., must adopt advanced technological means to solve this problem. With RFID solutions in place, selling carpets installed on each RFID Seals lock. The lock size is 3.8cm * 3.8cm, embedded Alien Higgs-3 RFID chip. When customers buy carpet, RFID Seals lock locked, while the closure stamp print the serial number lock, carpet Cybra information stored in the background EdgeMagic RFID control system.

Warehouse entrance installed Motorola FX9500 reader, including Motorola AN400 antennas, used to read Lock & EnCode RFID Seals unique code locks, and also update the database shows the goods has been reached. When customers buy carpet, using Motorola MC3090-Z handheld reader goods inside the warehouse to locate. On the carpet before shipment, the label will be read again, and then shipped to retail stores. Carpet sale process through vendor-managed inventory (VMI) system. Employees manage inventory, store sales using handheld RFID reader to locate on the carpet, showing detailed information. Reclassified before the carpet warehouse, through the RFID reader to read again, so that the system update inventory records.

With RFID solutions in place, the staff greatly shorten the time to locate the carpet, the working efficiency greatly improved. For retailers, Lock & EnCode not only used to block a commodity, and used to block recyclable containers. For example, the box that contains the product.

Lock & EnCode Seals lock has many end users. The lock There are two different versions: the client, such as carpet commercial goes, Cybra advance embedded RFID tags, specifically to meet the specific needs of users; There is also a non-coded lock. Cybra is expanding this program for the tobacco industry. The lock of the installation not only ensure the safety of goods reached, and significant savings in labor time and improve labor efficiency. The lock distances of up to 5.8 meters read.