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Carpets are full of shops and local shops are two ways
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Laying carpet shop and a floating sticky shop two ways. Sticky carpet shop is to use double-sided sticky tape around on the ground; floating carpet tile is laying on the ground, surrounded by not stuck.

When using carpet, room on the ground should be carefully measured the specific size and shape. Room on the ground of the net long and net width shall be measured at the bottom along the skirting board, two values ​​of the net long or two Jingkuan value if not the same, shall be whichever is greater. Room if the door or empty circle, shall be measured to the bottom of the door leaf or empty out of the loop at the edge. Due at the door or empty circle carpet carpet inside the room together, no points spread, so the room's net long or net width of the ground should be considered at the door or an empty circle.

Buy carpets, carpet net length required length equal to the room plus crop loss rate, crop loss rate of approximately 0.5% of the length of the carpet to 1%. Preferably, the width equal to the room carpet clear width, so that the whole lot of laying complete and material saving can also be slightly larger than the width of the room carpet clear width, so you can cut one o'clock laying waste much. If the room is wider, and strive to achieve a semi-paved fight, fight, or pieces of the whole lot of carpet shop, non-whole lot of carpet to remain in place without apparent wall.

Carpeted front, the ground should be cleaned, do not get wet. The carpet flat on the ground, according to the net long and the room door, empty circle at the shape and size for cropping, crop edge strive straight and tidy. Sticky carpet, you should first draw on the ground range taping

Line, so the range line, the double-sided adhesive tape attached to the floor expand. Then one end of the carpet attached to the wide side on the double-sided tape, gradually expand the carpet, the carpet edges show the long side edge on the double-sided adhesive tape stuck on, until finally the carpet attached to the other end of the double-sided adhesive tape on the broadside .

Floating carpet, should first broadside of a carpet tile aligned position on the ground, and aggravated by heavy objects with wood, then slowly expand the carpet, while laying side flatten the other end in place until the carpet broadside.

Local carpet, generally spread by floating method also can stick a large area paved way.

If pieces of carpet fight, side seams each row should be the carpet tight, do not overlap. The room should not have to take a long patchwork. Non entire carpet cutting edge should be at the foot of the wall.

If carpet smooth, pour hair, laying carpet should pay attention to the feather should shun one direction.

Carpet if positive, inverted pattern, should make the pattern on the bottom of the door, that the door to see the carpet pattern is positive, especially in the scene, animal, plant motifs, with particular attention. Patterned carpet To fight parcels, parcels should be done after the fight the entire pattern.

Carpet at the door or empty circles, apply aluminum or copper layering layering its edge pressed, the pressure should be fixed on the ground.