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Persian carpet weaving density amazing
Author:   From:    View:7564   Time:2013-06-06 21:05:16

Persian rugs are known for their durability known, said a common carpets spend ten years also complete as new, combined with its fire-retardant, so he called the "iron blanket." Do not think "iron blanket" just strong, in fact, every one Persian rugs are also a craft, picture rich, colorful. Many people are not willing to step on the foot, put the piece of carpet hung on the wall for decoration purposes.

Iran Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo the second floor, put stacks of Persian carpets, in addition to eye-catching colors, the price tag is also very special eye-catching, less than 10 million tapestry is considered "cheap" the. Showcase and sell with Persian rugs and carpets almost all prices are more than 5 digits.

Staff said the price depends on the material and weave carpets density, usually with silk, silk carpets and other materials necessary for the wool knit than Degui, and weave density, one inch 1000's will than one inch 100 Road much more expensive, because there are all handmade carpets complete the preparation of high density to spend a lot of time to produce more.

The most expensive is a size of only 22 × 17cm, framed to show a small piece of the finest level of the Persian tapestries, the price of 3.8 million yuan. According to reports, this 100% silk tapestries made ​​of craftsmen spent 20 years, fine woven using a magnifying glass, every centimeter of the area where woven into 1200.