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British Wool carpet dealer Week to promote development of the industry
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England Kidderminster City carpet manufacturers and retailers are getting ready to campaign in the east by the wool further promote the development of the wool industry. Wool Week, with wool to carry out a nationwide campaign, the British heavyweight many carpet companies want the opportunity to publicize and rekindle the British wool affection. Up to 75% of the British wool are used in carpet manufacturing, Brintons carpet company is located in Kidderminster, United Kingdom every seven sheep in a sheep's wool will be spent this company.

Don Coates Mr. Brintons carpet company's general manager, he said, wool for carpet manufacturing several hundred years of history, is to create the largest amount of carpet fibers. Wool good wear resistance and ease of cleaning and preservation, are highly environmentally sustainable fibers - 90% of households have carpets, English coarse wool carpet is to create superior raw materials. "This gives us an opportunity to support the national movement of wool, but also provides us with an opportunity to sell different from the past." John Thorley wool sport Mr. President, he said that the British "love wool" plot has "dilution" of the. Ten years ago, Britain has 2.1 million ewes, but now only 1.4 million.

Until today, right around the city Kidderminster pastoralists, wool sheep industry investment is very large, about 80% of the cost of feeding and wool on, however, the actual gain of wool only 3% of total revenue. If feeding 1000 Romney sheep, herders will probably get £ 2000 income and rely solely on the income of the wool is almost zero. Now the income of sheep increased to 6000 to 7000 pounds, which makes the sheep industry is more popular. We can not abandon the production of British wool, wool this ancient fiber, has a splendid future.