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Laiwu Hengde Carpet Co., Ltd., specializing in high-end non-woven needle carpet, exhibition carpet, two-color jacquard carpet, brushed jacquard carpet, printed carpet supplier.
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  • How to catch the trend carpet

    How to catch the trend carpet
    As modules carpet manufacturer, InterfaceFLOR encourage designers to travel around the world to participate in various international art and fashion show to find design inspiration. Recently,... View Full>>
  • Once the floor carpet decorative art became

    Once the floor carpet decorative art became
    Sometimes we house bare floor carpet once it has become a decorative piece of art, of course, the carpet size, material, color, pattern, location, needs and overall interior space layout, colors, furniture styles to adapt. At the same time as part of life, the art of carpet can also freedom to create and play by the owner, as long as you feel comfortable and satisfied. ... View Full>>