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Laiwu Hengde Carpet Co., Ltd., specializing in high-end non-woven needle carpet, exhibition carpet, two-color jacquard carpet, brushed jacquard carpet, printed carpet supplier.
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Customer Order Process

1、A price query
Please call, e-mail, fax, etc. contact us, stating your purchase intentions. If you already have a clear technical specifications and design requirements, please tell us, we will provide you with the information to give you a more accurate quote. If you do not know or do not understand the technical specifications, can you tell us where and you hope to achieve with what results, we will give you some suggestions for you to choose.
2, confirm the pattern
If you have your own design, please send it to us. If not, our design department can provide personalized design, but in the past we did not confirm the order to charge design fees, after placing an order which can be offset part of the advance payment.
3, to determine a model
In an interview with our price and design, we can design the content to play a template, the template to charge the sample fee, will be refunded after falling orders. Cost depends on how much the pattern may be.
4, signed a contract
You can come to our office business contracts can also be contracted by fax or mail. For specific details can be resolved through consultation, we sincerely welcome you and your company to discuss cooperation.

Technical Quality Assurance

1) new product development: research and development company for many years engaged in new product development carpets technical staff; carpet pattern, structure, etc. ongoing development and design, and from a variety of channels to obtain technical information, and actively seek to explore, with well-known research institutions to jointly develop to meet market and have some competitive products, enhance the company's strength, to provide value to their products.

(2) development of new technology: the functionality of the application from the carpet begin to provide carpet performance, such as environmental performance, flame retardant, antistatic properties, antibacterial properties and other functions moth development;

(3) testing of raw materials for carpet use of physical and chemical properties of various raw materials inspection, testing, production processes raw material meets the needs of